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The Perfect Light

So my 365+1 doesn’t start OFFICIALLY until tomorrow, but my nerdy self wanted to do a trial run so I could hit the ground running tomorrow!

My three Itty Bitties were running around outside yesterday when the light from the sunset turned so yummy and dreamy that I ran inside to grab my camera {note to self, ALWAYS have the camera w/in easy reach!}  Doing the Mommy holler, I got them all in the same place at the same time.  A miracle with these three!  As the sun was just about to hide behind the trees I snapped a quick few shots, hoping that one, just one of them would turn out!  I just took the leap to Manual a couple months ago, and it still takes me several shots to get the exposure right.

Three Itty Bitties



This is THE shot!  The one that reflects not only that scrumptious light, but the bond that my three babies have.  I love how they are all touching each other, and the big ones are surrounding the baby {even though he’s the one that runs things around here, but that’s a story for another time!}  Their clothes are dirty, so are their faces.  Nothing matches, but I LOVE it!  Inside these dirty, sticky bodies lies my heart.


Shot with my Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

ISO: 800


SS 1/80


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It’s almost time to start!


It’s almost time.  Two more days until I start my FIRST 365 Project.  Well, since I’m a nerd, it’s a 365+1 Project with the Leap Year and all.

Seriously though…A photo a day for a YEAR!  Squeak!   That’s a huge commitment!  I’m both stubborn enough and loyal enough to complete it, but what if no one looks at my photos?  NO ONE!!!

I’m not doing this for others though.  I’m doing this project for myself.  To grow as a photographer and to capture moments in my life for a year.  My life has been full of devastating loss, lives cut short before their time.  I’m no stranger to how short life really is, I take NOTHING for granted.  Each and EVERY moment should be savored.  By doing this project, I hope to capture special moments in my life and leave them as a legacy for my loved ones.

So there you have it.  Why I’m committing to a 365+1 Project.  I hope you check in on me from time to time!

Squeezy hugs and smoochie kisses!


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