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Birthdays and Fieldtrips

Today Itty Bitty turns five.

My baby is five.


Itty Bitty is my wild child with a heart of gold.

Today was also Love Bug’s field trip to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.

What an interesting day spending time with 26 Kindergarteners!

Totally crossing my fingers hoping that Itty Bitty gets Love Bug’s teacher when he goes to Kindergarten in the fall.  That woman is ON IT!  Nothing gets by her.  She can wrangle 26 five and six year olds without breaking a sweat.

Mount Vernon

ISO 100 ~ f/2.8 ~ 1/1600

There were some jaw dropping Magnolia trees on the Mount Vernon Estate!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/200

Of course I couldn’t forget to share pics of my two sweet (if not sweaty) boys!!

The light was hitting Love Bugs eyes soooo perfectly!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/160

Birthday Boy!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/160

Last but not least, a couple quick snapshots from our birthday celebration tonight!

Lighting the candles

Five little candles all in a row!

Happy Birthday Itty Bitty!!!!

For all three shots – ISO 3200 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/160

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Day 151

The calla lilies bloomed last night during the rainstorm!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/250

ISO 100 ~ f/2.8 ~ 1/125

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Day 150

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Beyond Layers – Life

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Visiting Family

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Today the whole fam piled into the Mom-mobile and drove down to Lake Anna!  We were visiting Uncle Bebop and Mama J.

I wrote a bit about Uncle BeBop back on Day 21.

Mama J is the Hub’s cousin but she’s like a Mama to me.

I cherish my time with her.

When we got there we were treated to the *bestest* fried chicken this girl has ever had!

Note to self: get the recipe!

After lunch the Hubs and Uncle Bebop took the Littles down to the lake for some fishing and swimming.  I got a chance to hang with Mama J.

Even snuck in a few minutes for some pics! (shocking I know 😉 )

We called these “helicopters” when I was a kid!!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/100

The tone on tone color of these berries… L.O.V.E!!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/160

I even liked the tiny peek of blue bokeh from the sky up in the top left corner.  Usually I’d photoshop something like that out, but I liked how it looked in this pic so I left it in.

One of Mama J’s gorgeous lilies!

ISO 100 ~ f/3.5 ~ 1/800

 The contrast of the orange lily on the green background really makes this one for me!  Had to close my aperture a bit to allow for a wider depth of field so the whole lily was in focus.

What in the world are these uber cool plants??

ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/800

Do you see how the horizon line is intersecting the flower?  That’s something that you *don’t* want to do.  It is distracting to your viewer’s eye.  I had a couple others of these, but wanted to share this one because it illustrated this point perfectly!

A bench in the back of Uncle BeBop’s property.

ISO 100 ~ f/1.6 ~ 1/250

To get this effect I opened my aperture almost as wide as it can go for an uber shallow depth of field.

PS – I also monkeyed with my logo again.  The frame on the one I tried out yesterday was just too distracting.

Thoughts on this one?

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