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Beyond Layers – Cuppa

ISO 160 ~ f/1.8 ~ 1/160

Tried something new for today’s post.

Call it experimenting if you will 😉

I added a little haze for a dreamy look and a side bar for a little pizzaz.

Makes me nervous to put something new out there, but you can’t learn if you don’t try, right?

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Day 181

Don’t you just love the taste of wild berries?

ISO 100 ~ f/1.8 ~ 1/200

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Day 180

It was a day of running the kids from one activity to another.

Fun, yet exhausting.

In the middle of our activities, Glamor Girl and I got our hair fancy {AKA mine got the roots fixed, and she got hers curled.}

She looked uber cute with her curls up in a ponytail for gymnastics!

When we got home, she asked if I could take a pic of her with her curls for my picture of the day.  How’s a Mama to refuse that?

I believe my little girl struck a pose for this pic!

ISO 160 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/160

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Day 179

Hair Envy

Why is it that when we are children we are blessed with gorgeous hair that has like a zillion different colors but when we become adults it morphs into one single blah color?

Adults {especially women} pay a small fortune trying to get our hair back to what we used to have.

Took a pic of Glamor Girl’s hair all twisted up for today’s picture.  We added one of the Dahlia’s from the flower garden for some extra “oomph.”

I’m liking the texture variations.

My only question was…

Does it look best in color:

Or black & white?

ISO 800 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/160

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Kitten LOVE!

We love, love, LOVE our kitten!

Well, we call her our “kitten” but she’s actually almost 6 years old!

You’ve probably seen pics of her on my blog before, but I think that this new one is my fave!

Glamor Girl loving on the sweetest kitten in the world!

Can’t you just hear the purring?

ISO 640 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/200

Our sweet little kitten’s name is Sprinkles.

Glamor Girl got to pick her out and her first collar had a bell on it.  GG loved the sound it made when Sprinkles ran around.

Like most 4 year olds do, she mixed up her words and instead of saying the bell jingled, she said it sprinkled.  The name stuck.

Partially because it was cute, but mostly because it was such a perfect example of my baby girl at that age!

Sprinkles was a pound kitty.  {cue the sad music} 😉

All alone in a cage surrounded by cage after cage after cage of kittens.  We had gone there looking for an orange stripy kitten.

Glamor Girl wanted an orange stripy kitten so SOOOO bad!  That’s all she talked about for days.  The kitten was going to be her 4th birthday present.

We found a super cute orange stripy kitten, but it was a boy.  Yup, GG wanted nothing to do with him.

Sprinkles was another story.  She was the kind of kitten that rubs her face up against the bars when you walk by, meows when you try to walk away, sticks her teeny tiny paw out to touch you…

Yeah, our hearts melted.

And Sprinkles joined our family.

I mean who could resist a sweet “meee-ow”ing kitten with a freckle on her nose?

Since we adopted Sprinkles, we have seen so many pictures of cats that look *just* like her.


It’s kinda weird.  It’s like there’s a whole bunch of white cats with grey superhero masks out there.  Especially in advertising.

None of them have that cute little freckle though.


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Day 177

Took a moment today to cut some Dahlia for a centerpiece to brighten up the kitchen table!

Cross your fingers that the cat doesn’t think it’s a snack for her!!!

Ooooh the red!!

ISO 500 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/100

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Purple Cone Flowers


After weeks of checking and rechecking I was able to snap a pic of a couple purple cone flowers in bloom!

I planted some because they were *supposedly* deer resistant.  The deer make short work of most garden flowers, so I was excited to try these!

Apparently the deer DO stay away from them, but the bunnies and other furry critters do not.


Every day when I went out to check on my flower bed {and murder some pesky Japanese Beetles} I would cross my fingers that one of the purple cone flowers had bloomed so I could snap a pic of it!

Until today I had been beaten to them by fluffy pains in my butt!

Purple cone flowers!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/640

The cone flowers were tall enough that I was able to get under one and shoot it against the sky.

ISO 100 ~ f/1.8 ~ 1/1600

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