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Please Mr. Teeny Tiny Fly don’t fly away!

ISO 800 ~ f/3.5 ~ 1/500

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Learning Curve

Slowly learning more and more about shooting in macro.

What have I learned?

LIGHT is key!  All too often I find myself cranking up the ISO to get my subject properly exposed.  Makes me think seriously about finding some artificial light sources…

Unless your shutter speed is lighting fast you CAN NOT hand hold your camera and get tack sharp images.  You can get close, but in macro I’m realizing that close isn’t really… well, um close 😉

Here are some of the pics that I took today.  Some I’m really proud of, others I like, but know they could be better with more light or a tripod.  I’m sharing them so that when I look back in a month or so I can see how far I’ve come!

I took this pic of a Daddy Long Legs with the help of a tripod. You can even see that he’s missing a LEG!

ISO 2000 ~ f/9.0 ~ 1/100

Have I mentioned that I’m TERRIFIED of spiders?!? Truly a photography addict when you get in as close as you can to a Black Widow to get a picture of the silk coming out of it’s… whaddya call that spot on a spider where the web strands come out?

ISO 1600 ~ f/3.2 ~ 1/250

I loved this flower bud about to bloom! How the petals are all twisted up tight making the coolest swirl.

ISO 1600 ~ f/11 ~ 1/125

A leaf in mid change.

ISO 800 ~ f/8 ~ 1/320


ISO 1600 ~ f/8.0 ~ 1/200

The same Black Widow creeping along her web.

ISO 2000 ~ f/7.1 ~ 1/250

Dragonfly playing peek a boo with a blade of grass. The wind was making it difficult for me to get him tack sharp. I needed more light, but was afraid he’d fly away if I moved.

ISO 2500~ f/14 ~ 1/250

Same dragonfly, more light with a smaller aperture.

ISO 2000 ~ f/9.0 ~ 1/250

ISO 1600 ~ f/9.0 ~ 1/125

I love how the backlighting show the dragonflies little hairs. 

ISO 2500 ~ f/16 ~ 1/250




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Almost squished this little caterpillar! He was on the stoop!

ISO 800 ~ f/6.3 ~ 1/125


I’m really digging all these tree frogs! This one was taking a nap in a dahlia 🙂

ISO 1250 ~ f/7.1 ~ 1/125

Snoozing kitten.

ISO 400 ~ f/6.3 ~ 1/200

Dew drops turned to diamonds in the morning light.

ISO 500 ~  f/5.0  ~ 1/200

Semi successful shot of a little teeny tiny guy.

ISO 1250 ~ f/7.1 ~ 1/125

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Just Can’t Put the Macro Lens Down!!!

I’m seriously, totally in love with my new macro lens!

No joke.  Hubs… look out 😉

Found a little tree frog sleeping by our front door.

ISO 800 ~ f/4.5 ~ 1/400

Seriously creepy finger things near the praying mantis’ mouth!

ISO 250 ~ f/11 ~ 1/320

Who knew stink bugs were kinda pretty?

ISO 400 ~ f/10 ~ 1/160

Dalia about to bloom

ISO 320 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/200

Body shot of the praying mantis.

ISO 1000 ~ f/11 ~ 1/100

One shot capture of a fly before it could…well…fly off.

ISO 800 ~ f/8.0 ~ 1/160

Some grass starting to seed.

ISO 320 ~ f/4.0 ~ 1/250

All photos shot with a Canon 5D Mark ii & an EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro Lens.



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Happy Early Birthday to ME!!!

My birthday Macro Lens came!!!  It finally came!!!

(squeals like a girl)

I had about 5 minutes to play with my new lens before I had to leave to get the boys from school. Mama spider was hiding in the dahlias!

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Day 269

ISO 200 ~ f/4.0 ~ 1/160


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ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/100


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