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Some Leaves Survived Sandy!

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Hurricane Sandy is HERE!

Yikes! ┬áIt’s still a couple hours before Sandy makes landfall and already the trees outside are rockin’ and rollin’!

I thought I’d sneak in a quick picture before we loose power and I can’t upload anything.

Raindrops on the window

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Before the Hurricane Hits…

With Hurricane Sandy due tomorrow I thought I’d take some leaf shots before they’re all blown down. And when I say “some” I meant oodles.

There’s just something so beautiful about the the vibrant colors that leaves turn in fall.

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A Hike in the Shenandoah Mountains

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There was this bee/wasp/hornet hanging out on a leaf outside. It was just walking around the leaf basically licking it. Drinking or eating do you think?

See… licking.

Because I can’t resist my dahlias.

It rained last night leaving many a spiderweb covered in sparkling water drops.

The same yellow beetle that Glamor Girl and I found at the pumpkin patch.





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