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May 5th



We buried our turtle today.

The sweet little Mud Turtle that has been a member of our family for 3 years died a few days ago.

I must admit that I cried when we said our goodbyes, and there may be a tear or two as I type this.  Silly that I got so emotional over a turtle, but saying goodbye is never easy for me.  Turtle Wurtle gave us lots of smiles, and taught the kids a lot about taking care of something besides themselves.

The Hubs dug a grave out in the woods and marked it with a little cross made out of sticks.  Each one of the Littles laid a rock over the grave and said goodbye.

I’m gonna miss that little guy.

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February 17

February 17

Excuse me, but is that SALMON you're having for lunch?

Excuse me, but is that SALMON you’re having for lunch?

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February 10

February 10th

Who let the cat out of the bag?

Who let the cat out of the bag?

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February 8

Have you ever been snuggling with your kids and noticed some small thing about them that made your heart smile?

Love Bug and I were snuggled together watching a movie this afternoon and I couldn’t stop staring at his eyelashes.  Seriously, they’re ridiculously long!

Of course I snapped a pic of them…


And then I snagged one of Bitty’s because they are also uber long…Feb8e

Here’s a couple more pics I snapped during the movie –


Chocolate Labs make the bestest pillows!


For today’s macro picture I couldn’t choose between my two favorites.




There was a Ladybug on the windowsill and I was able to snap a picture of her wings as she used them to flip from her back to her feet.


Glamor Girl’s rose is looking a bit rough around the edges, but I loved the texture on the petals.

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January 30th



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Chocolate Labs Love Snow!

Sledding Sleddingb Sleddingc Sleddingd

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January 21st

Kitten noses!

There’s just something so sweet about a soft kitten face that makes me all gooey inside.

Jan21b Jan21

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