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In an effort to become a better photographer, I decided to join in some photography challenges.

Some are structured, like my 365+1 Project.  Each and every day I take a photo and share it and my thoughts here on this blog.

While structured challenges will help me pick up my camera and practice, practice, *practice* on a regular basis, my creative heart needs to express itself too!

Yup, I’m one of those tech nerds with the heart of an artist.

When I found Florabella’s Project 24 my creative side did the happy dance!

*This* is a photography challenge with no, yes NO! timeline!  There are 24 “Themes” that you can pick and choose from using them as inspiration.  You can do as many or as little as you want!

{There is one rule.  ALL photos for this project must be processed using Florabella’s Actions or Textures for Photoshop.  If you’re like me and use Florabella’s actions *all* the time, this rule doesn’t change anything.}

Here is my photo for Theme #1 – Morning.

Theme #1 Morning

Doesn’t Glamor Girl look *fabulous?*

We did a “photo shoot” this weekend as a Mother/Daughter hangout.  She got to get all fancy {her favorite thing} and I got to practice taking photos!  Win/win.

Near the end of the shoot, had her grab her pillow pet and snuggle down like she was about to go to sleep.

One of the things I love about doing a shoot with one of my babies is how much they open up to me.  We talk and talk as I’m snapping pics.  For this picture, I had just asked Glamor Girl what her favorite dream was.  She looked off into the distance and smiled at the memory.  *Snap*  Perfect moment captured!

When taking pictures, I will often chat with my subject {unless it’s a flower or something, well, come to think about it, I talk to flowers too.}  Instead of trying to get them to look a certain way, I’ll talk to them about a subject that evokes a certain emotion.  If I want them to laugh, we swap funny or embarrassing stores.  If I want a soft, sweet expression, then I ask them about a favorite memory.  Then I frame my shot, focus between their eyes and wait.

When the expression I want comes, I’m ready and *snap* the moment is forever captured!


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