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Day 34



There’s just something so beautiful about steeples.  Part of what I love about them so much are how different they can be, yet each one is stunning.

This is the steeple on our Church.

It’s been on my “To Photograph” List for awhile now.  Whenever I remember to bring my camera it’s cloudy.  Whenever I forget my camera the sun is shining gloriously in the sky.

Today I had a Parent/Teacher Conference for Itty Bitty at the Preschool run by the Church.  I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to snap a pic if the weather cooperated!


I heart steeples!

Shot with my Cannon EOS Digital Rebel XT

Lens 50mm f/1.4

ISO 100


Shutter Speed 1/200

Way back on Day 18 I shared a bit about how to get the rays of the sun to show in a picture.  I used the same technique – closing my aperture as far as it would go.  It noon so there was a ton of light so my ISO could go all the way down to 100 {which makes me VERY happy}.

From there I played with my shutter speed was quick enough that the sun wasn’t too blown out {which causes those gorgeous rays to disappear} but not too quick or the steeple would have been underexposed.

After a quick edit in Photoshop to straighten the lines of the steeple and the picture was good to go!

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