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Birthdays and Fieldtrips

Today Itty Bitty turns five.

My baby is five.


Itty Bitty is my wild child with a heart of gold.

Today was also Love Bug’s field trip to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.

What an interesting day spending time with 26 Kindergarteners!

Totally crossing my fingers hoping that Itty Bitty gets Love Bug’s teacher when he goes to Kindergarten in the fall.  That woman is ON IT!  Nothing gets by her.  She can wrangle 26 five and six year olds without breaking a sweat.

Mount Vernon

ISO 100 ~ f/2.8 ~ 1/1600

There were some jaw dropping Magnolia trees on the Mount Vernon Estate!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/200

Of course I couldn’t forget to share pics of my two sweet (if not sweaty) boys!!

The light was hitting Love Bugs eyes soooo perfectly!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/160

Birthday Boy!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/160

Last but not least, a couple quick snapshots from our birthday celebration tonight!

Lighting the candles

Five little candles all in a row!

Happy Birthday Itty Bitty!!!!

For all three shots – ISO 3200 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/160

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Visiting Family

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Today the whole fam piled into the Mom-mobile and drove down to Lake Anna!  We were visiting Uncle Bebop and Mama J.

I wrote a bit about Uncle BeBop back on Day 21.

Mama J is the Hub’s cousin but she’s like a Mama to me.

I cherish my time with her.

When we got there we were treated to the *bestest* fried chicken this girl has ever had!

Note to self: get the recipe!

After lunch the Hubs and Uncle Bebop took the Littles down to the lake for some fishing and swimming.  I got a chance to hang with Mama J.

Even snuck in a few minutes for some pics! (shocking I know 😉 )

We called these “helicopters” when I was a kid!!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/100

The tone on tone color of these berries… L.O.V.E!!

ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/160

I even liked the tiny peek of blue bokeh from the sky up in the top left corner.  Usually I’d photoshop something like that out, but I liked how it looked in this pic so I left it in.

One of Mama J’s gorgeous lilies!

ISO 100 ~ f/3.5 ~ 1/800

 The contrast of the orange lily on the green background really makes this one for me!  Had to close my aperture a bit to allow for a wider depth of field so the whole lily was in focus.

What in the world are these uber cool plants??

ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/800

Do you see how the horizon line is intersecting the flower?  That’s something that you *don’t* want to do.  It is distracting to your viewer’s eye.  I had a couple others of these, but wanted to share this one because it illustrated this point perfectly!

A bench in the back of Uncle BeBop’s property.

ISO 100 ~ f/1.6 ~ 1/250

To get this effect I opened my aperture almost as wide as it can go for an uber shallow depth of field.

PS – I also monkeyed with my logo again.  The frame on the one I tried out yesterday was just too distracting.

Thoughts on this one?

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Little boys L.O.V.E to play outside!

The only thing I think they could possibly love more is…


Itty Bitty covered every bruise and scratch (both new and old) with his brand new box of Muppet Bandaids. Seriously. The *whole* box.

ISO 1600 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/100

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When I Think of Frindship…

I think of my childhood best friend.  Going to age myself here, but we have been friends over 25 years!  Even though I moved away only a few years after we met we have kept our friendship strong.  She lives in Canada but has visited me in all the far away places I’ve lived {Florida, California, even one time when I was visiting an ancient hunting cabin by a lake in Upstate New York!}  When we were younger we wrote pages and pages of letters.  As we grew up those letters turned to phone calls.  Those phone calls got more and more spaced out as we began to have children of our own, but the friendship was always there.  Our friendship is a part of me, and will be there forever.  Now I connect with her more on Facebook.  Writing this makes me miss those letters.  I should totally send her one, don’t you think?

This post is part of a 12 month series.  I’ve joined forces with 12 other photographers and we are blogging our way through this year sharing our view on a different theme each month.

Here are some pictures that show what FRIENDSHIP is to me:

Friendship is having someone to wiggle your toes in the grass with!

Friendship is a big sister who you can lean on.

Having best friends even before you were born!

Friendship is being a good teammate.

Friendship doesn’t care how small you are, only how big your heart is.

Friendship is knowing someone will be there waiting for you always.

Are you ready to check out the blogs of the AH-MAZING women in my Circle?

Head on over and say “Hi!” to Tracy at The Uncoordinated Mommy!!

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Day 17

After rocking out Glamor Girl’s room all day yesterday, I got a case of the Mommy guilts and decided to paint the boy’s room.

I’ve had the paint for months, just not the time.

Well, I made time today.  Their room is now sporting new green walls and they are crazy happy!

However… they are sharing a bed in the guest room to avoid breathing paint fumes all night.  And it’s almost 9 o’clock and they are STILL awake!

Did I mention that normal bed time around here is 7:30?


Here’s today’s picture.

When the kids woke up this morning they were sad to see that it was raining out.  It wasn’t cold enough for snow and they were hoping for a snow day!

Wishing with all his heart that the rain would turn to snow!

Shot with my Canon EOS Rebel XT

Lens 50mm f/1.4

ISO 400


Shutter Speed 1/100th of a second

For today’s photo, I wanted to capture Love Bug looking out the window at the rain.  To do this I had to angle my shot so that you could see the rain on the window but still see part of his face.

If I would have been directly behind him, I could have still gotten the rain, but you wouldn’t have seen any of his face, nor the super cute reflection in the window!  All the way to the side, a great profile shot, but no rain.  While looking through my viewfinder I moved around him a bit until I got both the rain and his little face showing *just* right!

In hindsight, I probably would have chosen a wider aperture.  It looks like my focus fell more on his ear {can you say MAJOR focus issues w/my camera right now??} instead of his eye.  Having a smaller aperture would have had more of his face clearly in focus even with the focal point being his ear.

We didn’t have much time before we had to leave for school so I only got a few shots in, and I didn’t check to make sure that the focal point was falling where *I* wanted it to, and not some mysterious point that my camera changed it to.

My mistake, but sometimes you gotta work with what you got!

I say that having his face not completely in focus adds a softer feel to the photo.

What do you think?

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The Perfect Light

So my 365+1 doesn’t start OFFICIALLY until tomorrow, but my nerdy self wanted to do a trial run so I could hit the ground running tomorrow!

My three Itty Bitties were running around outside yesterday when the light from the sunset turned so yummy and dreamy that I ran inside to grab my camera {note to self, ALWAYS have the camera w/in easy reach!}  Doing the Mommy holler, I got them all in the same place at the same time.  A miracle with these three!  As the sun was just about to hide behind the trees I snapped a quick few shots, hoping that one, just one of them would turn out!  I just took the leap to Manual a couple months ago, and it still takes me several shots to get the exposure right.

Three Itty Bitties



This is THE shot!  The one that reflects not only that scrumptious light, but the bond that my three babies have.  I love how they are all touching each other, and the big ones are surrounding the baby {even though he’s the one that runs things around here, but that’s a story for another time!}  Their clothes are dirty, so are their faces.  Nothing matches, but I LOVE it!  Inside these dirty, sticky bodies lies my heart.


Shot with my Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

ISO: 800


SS 1/80


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It’s almost time to start!


It’s almost time.  Two more days until I start my FIRST 365 Project.  Well, since I’m a nerd, it’s a 365+1 Project with the Leap Year and all.

Seriously though…A photo a day for a YEAR!  Squeak!   That’s a huge commitment!  I’m both stubborn enough and loyal enough to complete it, but what if no one looks at my photos?  NO ONE!!!

I’m not doing this for others though.  I’m doing this project for myself.  To grow as a photographer and to capture moments in my life for a year.  My life has been full of devastating loss, lives cut short before their time.  I’m no stranger to how short life really is, I take NOTHING for granted.  Each and EVERY moment should be savored.  By doing this project, I hope to capture special moments in my life and leave them as a legacy for my loved ones.

So there you have it.  Why I’m committing to a 365+1 Project.  I hope you check in on me from time to time!

Squeezy hugs and smoochie kisses!


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