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May 23rd



So I found this cool bug on a piece of grass and immediately crouched down and began taking pictures.

At one point, I used another blade of grass to nudge him so he was facing the light.

Um… he’s a Thread Waisted Wasp.

Yes, WASP!


I was nudging a wasp.  Holy gravy what was I thinking?!?!?!

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Stuck in a Web

Today I found this wasp that was stuck in a spider’s web.  The spider was nowhere to be found, but the wasp was wrapped up tight by his feet.

Hanging by a thread 😉

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There was this bee/wasp/hornet hanging out on a leaf outside. It was just walking around the leaf basically licking it. Drinking or eating do you think?

See… licking.

Because I can’t resist my dahlias.

It rained last night leaving many a spiderweb covered in sparkling water drops.

The same yellow beetle that Glamor Girl and I found at the pumpkin patch.





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