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Day 213

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Day 212

Back From Dallas!

Hey y’all!

Sorry I disappeared for a few.  I was in Dallas at a business retreat.

It’s good to be home!

While playing outside with the Littles this afternoon, this Dahlia caught my eye.  It’s half red and half pink.

Love Bug called it a Two-Face flower.  Gotta love a kid that’s obsessed with Batman! 😉

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/500

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Day 204

ISO 100 ~ f/2.8 ~ 1/200

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Day 203

Rainy Day

Today was one of those rainy days where you spend lots of quality time with family.

Usually the kids snuggle with the Hubs or I, but I walked in on a sweet sibling moment…

Snuggly brothers

ISO 1600 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/125

Love Bug worked for a *month* doing extra chores to earn enough for the new Lego Batman 2 DS game.

Seriously, a month!

He just got it a couple days ago, and has been playing it as often as he can.

Now, this wasn’t one of his “approved” times to play it, *however* because he was all curled up with his little brother all I did was run for the camera!!

For those of you wondering, Itty Bitty didn’t get new glasses.  Those are the frames from a pair of 3D glasses he got months ago from the theater.

I say “got” but I should say “borrowed.”  The theater strongly encourages you to return your glasses when done, but I forgot to tell him that so instead of putting them into the recycling bin, he put them into his pocket.

They are now his Superman glasses.

Yup, he’s got a whole Superman “act” now.  Complete with ripping open a shirt and tossing the glasses to the side when he transforms.

Note to self, get out the video camera!!!

Now on to the flower pics!


ISO 100 ~ f/2.0 ~ 1/200

ISO 100 ~ f/2.0 ~ 1/200

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Not So Little Feet!

Glamor Girl *loves* to wear my shoes.

It used to be uber cute when she was little.  I would love to watch her toddle around wearing my shoes, barely able to walk because they were so big.

It’s not so cute now that they almost fit her.

Seriously.  She’s got about an inch more and her feet are the same size as mine.  The.  Same.  Size.

Today’s pic is her sweet little tootsies {pay no attention to the crazy pedicure, she’s “experimenting”} wearing MY favorite red shoes.

You know, the ones that almost fit her.


ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/250

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Day 201

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Day 200

ISO 100 ~ f/2.5 ~ 1/250

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