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May 25th

May25While chopping up some old trees that had fallen down the Hubs came across some ant eggs.

After a Google search I found out that the tiny white things are eggs, the pieces that look like rice are the larvae, and then if you look closely you’ll see what looks like white ants.  Those are the pupae.

I’m half fascinated, half creeped out.

Of course Glamor Girl now knows *way* more about the ant life cycle than she probably ever wanted to know but this home schooling Mama never misses a teachable moment 😉


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May 24th




The Hubs called me over to where he was working outside to show me some dragonflies that were sunning themselves on some trees.

Itty Bitty had been hanging out with me so he came running over when Daddy called – scaring the dragonflies away.  While I sat quietly near the trees waiting for them to come back, Daddy sat on the hill behind me keeping Bitty entertained AKA away from the dragonflies.

I heard Bitty giggling and turned around to see a sweet Father and Son moment.

That’s more beautiful than any dragonfly so the picture I snapped is my photo of the day 🙂

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May 23rd



So I found this cool bug on a piece of grass and immediately crouched down and began taking pictures.

At one point, I used another blade of grass to nudge him so he was facing the light.

Um… he’s a Thread Waisted Wasp.

Yes, WASP!


I was nudging a wasp.  Holy gravy what was I thinking?!?!?!

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May 22nd




Totally had to stop myself from saying “He loves me.  He loves me not.” while editing this one 😉

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May 21st



Itty Bitty *loves* to catch frogs and toads.

This is his new “bestie” named “Tree Frog.”

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May 20th



Even weeds can be beautiful 🙂

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May 19th




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